Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hard and Fast - Erin McCarthy

In her latest NASCAR romance, McCarthy returns to Charlotte, North Carolina, and the world of stock-car racing to introduce another famous driver, Ty McCordle. Ty is a ladies man, specializing in busty blonds, yet he finds himself intrigued by an acquaintance of his friend’s wife, Imogen Wilson. Imogen is a slender, glasses-wearing brunette working on her masters in sociology. Her straightforward, no-nonsense manner is wildly different than the obvious come-on strategies employed by most women, who are always trying to land him as a husband. But Imogen, much to her horror, has always had a crush on Ty. So when he ends up in her car waiting out a downpour, she’s rattled, but too much the scholar to let this opportunity pass. Imogen has decided to write her thesis on the world of racing and getting said racer to propose. She soon comes clean as their relationship develops, but Ty has a secret that may crash their budding romance right into the wall in this supersexy, superfun story.
Ok so this is the book I found on Amazon and was wow'd by the cover...not a big fan of hard abs and such but wow...just wow.
Now onto the book, I read it as a PDF, reread it as the actual text and am rereading it again bec along with book one it puts me in a happy place and it is just funny. Imogen is very open, honest, and matter of fact and the way she relates to the world at large is a total trip. Ty is highly intimidated by her bec he feels she is too smart for him but they start dating and they actually get along very well and balance each other out perfectly, he adds impulsiveness to her life and she adds structure to his. They have their ups and downs but the morning after conversation concerning bodily fluids and their viscocity had me almost peeing my pants I was laughing so hard. This again is a series I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend and am on pins and needles for book 3 to come out next August.
And what's great is that you don't have to know a thing about NASCAR to understand the story because what little reference is actually made to the sport is explained. Yummy books!!!

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