Thursday, October 22, 2009

Flat out Sexy - Erin McCarthy

Two years after Tamara Briggs's husband was killed in a wreck at Talladega, she's back to dating, but her latest beau is a dud. She dumps him and remains intent on not ending up with another race-car driver, but that's exactly what she gets when she meets Elec Monroe. Things progress quickly, and soon she's having dynamite sex with this younger man who's nice to her kids—who could ask for more? There's a catch of course: Elec is the son of Tamara's dead husband's father's sworn enemy.
Ok so first off - oh so yummy cover - definately makes you want to get up and purr...
Ok moving on. I read the sequal to this one first as a random find on Amazon and was intrigued by the cover and the by the blurb on it - so downloaded the book and read...loved it - bought this book (which is book 1) and the sequel.
Now this is a series I have already reread in the short time I have owned the books and HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend the author. She has other series' and thus far I am hooked on her style. The characters are funny and fun. The sex scenes are obv there as this is a "romance" novel but it is not graphic as some of the others out there. The characters have their flaws that they work around. Elec Monroe the hero in this book has been dating in the "bimbo brigade" before meeting Tamara because he has a secret that he thinks will prevent him from ever having a serious relationship, and Tamara is so worried about EVERYTHING it is just funny watching him over come all her concerns.
Have I mentioned it is funny? The inner dialogue is freaking great. And a series I would totally recommend!!!

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