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Katie MacAlister - lots

Ok so I am going to group her books into one post as there are several...

Steamed - Jack is a steampunk fan from our current time who along with his sister is sent to an alternative 2010 due to a chemistry lab accident. He and Octavia who is the captain of a airship must search for a means to return him to his own time and face other obsticals. This was my 2nd Katie Mac book and had my crying I was laughing so hard and cannot wait for the rumors of the sequel. I won't give anything away (largely due to memory gaps) but I do recommend this book and her others.

Corset Diaries - this book is about the leading lady being convinced by a friend to be on an English reality show in relation to Victorian era lifestyles etc. I've also drawn a tremendous blank on this but can say that this was another that had me laughing til I was crying and I love that the characters are older (30s) and she's not a dainty little woman but a healthy curvy woman at that. (please note that this is a common trend in her contemporary stories)

Men in Kilts - mystery author meets Scotsman and moves w him to his farm and they live happily ever after despite his nasty son and a horrible neighbor. Im not going to say that this was a favorite of mine but it was good none the less. The bridal shower had me cracking up and spewing coke all over the floor when I read it.

Improper English - woman goes to England for 2 months to write a book to prove to her mother that she can succeed at something. Meets neighbor and they hit it off but she is so focused on her own faults that she ends their relationship inorder to take a journey to self discovery and finish rewriting her novel - books ends happy and I enjoyed it but again not in the top fav.

Blow me down - Amy agrees to play an RPG virtual reality game in order to connect w her daughter - due to *edited for spoiler* she becomes trapped in the game along w its creator Corbin and they must complete the predetermined "stage" in the game inorder to return to real life. It was a good twist on an RPG and VR and I really enjoyed it and it is one that I recommend as it was a fav.

A Hard Days Knight - this is a top fav and one I def recommend - takes place in a Ren Faire and involves a lot of Jousting (yummy men in suits of armor etc) and there is enough mystery mixed in w the story to make it an easy read as you go along w the characters to see if they will trust each other, find out whos sabotaging the 3 dog knights and have the HEA!

My Zombie Valentine - short story in relation to the Dark One's series and Zombies. Cute story but I don't recommend reading it until you've read at least one Dark One's book as much information is skimmed over due to length issues but it was a good short story.

Ain't Mythbehaving - Two short stories - the first is about the God of the Hunt and his search for a new Goddess - it is one of the few books that I've read by Katie Mac thus far that takes place from the male POV and it was hilarious as he tries to convince the American visiting his Irish castle a week before his required wedding date that he is a sensitive modern male due to much watching of Oprah and reading of Deepak...and his references to his manly self are a trip. The second story is about a woman visiting family in Sweden and coming accross Viking ghosts after a car accident and how she is a Valkrye and promises to help them reach Valhol. The best is that Odin has his domain in a freaking Pippy Longstockings amusement park of all places and spends his days watching a wall of TVs. Its a true trip.


Now we move onto actual series' and not stand alones -

Love in the time of Dragons - I read this first and in actuality you want to read this last as pertinent information/history that is referenced in this book takes place in the other dragon series - Long and short this is the first book in the series about Baltic and Ysolde and in it we see Ysolde begin to remember her past life and love and we are starting to learn that Baltic is NOT the evil villain that he is portrayed in the previous books (again recommend NOT reading this one first if for nothing else to prevent avoidable confusion). It has a cliff hanger ending setting up for the sequel that comes out in May called The Unbearable Lightness of Dragons - and from what I understand Ysolde will continue down the road to clearning Baltic's name and regaining her memories from a previous life.

So if one were to read the dragons books in order one would start with the Aisling Gray Guardian series. I'm not going to break the story down book by books but do a general over view - titles are as follows - YOU SLAY ME - FIRE ME UP - LIGHT MY FIRE - HOLY SMOKES - The gist of it is this - Aisling arrives in Paris in the first book to deliver a relic (that is stolen by Drake the wyvern of the Green Dragons) and is brought up on murder charges for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. She learns she is a Guardian and Dragon's mate and becomes a Demon Lord when she summons an unclaimed demon name Effrijim AKA Jim who takes his form in that of a male Newfoundland. The story follows as we watch her clear her name and leave Drake to continue working for her uncle bec as much as she and Drake are physicially combustable and she is his mate - she doesn't see a future for them...the next book takes place in Hungary for a convention for all of the otherworld members and Aisling trying to find a mentor to teach her how to be a Guardian and once again she is caught in the middle of a murder investigation of dead Guardians in the hotel...She agrees to be Drake's mate but he is unbending in his expectation and thusly pushes Aisling away when she finds out that he manipulated her to agree to be his mate and does not want her persuing the Guardian duties. Book 3 picks up with Aisling and Jim (her demon) in London this time with a mentor named Nora Charles and Aisling is caught up in the middle of a political ploy between the blue dragons/silver dragons/war w the red dragons. The fourth book takes place as Drake and Aisling are trying to get married/deal w the red dragon war/the resurfacing of the true blue dragon wyvern/the head demon prince Bael/and finding Drakes long missing brother and wyvern to the almost extinct black dragons.

The next series (that I am not finished with) is the silver dragon series and the titles include - PLAYING WITH FIRE - UP IN SMOKE - ME AND MY SHADOW - The leading characters are Gabriel the wyvern of the silver dragons and his mate May who is a doppleganger and a shadowwalker and we progress through these books as they try to find out if in fact Baltic is alive - dealing w May's demon lord Magoth - the dragon heart - and I dunno what else as I've not finished w the 3rd book yet. But I can say that even if I hadn't read the light dragon's book first I would STILL have loved Baltic who plays more and more into the story as the books progress, and you are supposed to bec the role of hated villian is filled by Fiat Blu former blue dragon wyvern.

So yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaah I think I'll end this epic for now and promise to update when I read her vamp Dark One series. :D Happy reading!

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